Solid Ground

Other Worldviews

Freedom Fading

At times, the tsunami of change we’re facing seems overwhelming for its force, dizzying for its speed, and chilling for its darkness. It’s easy to begin feeling helpless, but that is not our path. There is another way.

The Primal Heresy

Human lives will be ruled by one of two fundamental forces: either truth or power. When truth is relativized, suffering will follow.
Other Worldviews

Iron Curtain Diary

The totalitarian world Greg experienced as a young Christian while visiting fellow believers behind the Iron Curtain demonstrates an insight often quoted but frequently ignored: Ideas have consequences.
Tactics and Tools

Street Tactics – Part 5

The Trinity is a huge speed bump for many, especially atheists, Muslims, Mormons, and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Here are some tactical questions you can use to show objectors the Trinity is a solution, not a problem.