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How to Be a Good Ambassador for Christ to Muslims

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Published on 06/28/2024

Guest Host: Alan Shlemon

Alan Shlemon talks about how to be a good ambassador for Christ to Muslims, the largest unreached people group on the planet, explaining their foundational objection to Christianity and how to address it, three things you need to engage them, and more.


  • Our identity and job as ambassadors for Christ (00:00)
  • Step one: Learn about Islam (12:00)
  • The three primary authoritative sources in Islam (14:00)
  • Muslim views on Jesus and jihad (22:00)
  • Step two: Engage Muslims—three things you need (38:00)
  • How to respond to the foundational objection that the Bible is corrupted (39:00)
  • Who the real enemy is and what our job is (48:00)
  • Q&A (50:00)

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