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Don’t Use Empty Rhetoric

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Published on 11/17/2023

Greg responds to a caller’s story about being accused of hate because of his pro-life bumper stickers, then he answers questions about whether the blood sprinkled on the mercy seat was cleaned off, a family whose pastor objects to their spending time out of town, and whether God created the possibility to sin.


  • A story about a note the caller received responding to the pro-life stickers on his car. (02:00)
  • Did the blood sprinkled on the Day of Atonement (Lev. 16:14–15) stay on the mercy seat in the most holy place year after year, or did they clean it off? (23:00)
  • Is it legalism if my pastor is objecting to my family missing Sundays at our church when we’re staying at our vacation house out of town? (33:00)
  • Did God create the possibility to sin? (49:00) 

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